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Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

The living room is a guest stop at home, in addition to receiving neighboring guests and friends and even relatives will stop in the living room of your house. For this reason, the priority of arranging a living room must be higher so that it looks beautiful and comfortable. Color elements become one of the […]

How to Make Felt Flowers

These flowers are part of a bigger garden project. Here’s how to make the flowers: To Make a Rose Cut out a circle, 5″ in diameter.  You can use a compass, or start with a square.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. 2. Draw a spiral, then cut along the line. 3. From the outside end, […]

Wall Clock Decor

Wall clocks can be a part of decorating in your home, maybe in living room, bedroom, or lounge. Choose a wall clock that has a unique and artistic design, if you don’t find it at the seller you can make a custom wall clock tailored to the concept of the room and your ideas. Unique […]