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Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture that is commonly used in bedrooms in homes is usually like bed-furniture, wardrobe, table, lights, and other furniture. Furniture made from wood to decorate bedrooms is a preferred choice. Besides wood materials that are strong and environmentally friendly, wooden furniture will make the bedroom feel elegant. This nuance will make you comfortable while […]

The Making of a Tutu

How to make a tutu. The Tutu is so full of fantasy for little girls. The images and music of wonderful ballets come to mind. You would think, by looking at this divine invention, it would take an expert to create, right?  Just those working behind the scenes of Broadway theaters would have the inside knowledge, […]

How to Make a Felt Crown

 This felt crown takes an afternoon to create, with minimal sewing. Once done, it is durable and adorable! These are the supplies you’ll need: Felt Scissors Elastic Pencil Ribbon or string for head measurement Paper for the template Sewing machine First, measure your child’s head with a ribbon. Next, cut out paper to the length […]

Summer Journaling

A beautiful summer journal. What a wonderful project to engage in over the course of the season.  It is so simple, calming and in tune with nature.  Collecting from nature is a great learning tool for children, of course.  Though, couldn’t we all benefit from a little meditative practice such as this?  To explore our […]

How to Make a Felt Board

How to make a felt board activity for kids. This project is one of the most FUN I’ve done. It’s simple, easy to make, and really fun to create shapes, story boards and characters, you know your kids will love! I did this in an afternoon, and am so glad I did, because my 2 […]