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How to Make a Felt Mouse

This mouse was made as part of a larger garden project. To see that, go to this page: Supplies Felt Needle Regular Thread Embroidery Thread Cotton Balls or Stuffing 1.Cut out the felt shapes as you see above.  Two of the brown and one of the white. 2. Sew up the back of the […]

Home Office Chair Desk Ideas

The workplace is one of the factors that can improve the quality of work. If the workplace is neat, clean and beautiful it will certainly make it comfortable and focused on work. Work quality and productivity can also increase. For those of you who have a home office certainly have the desire to arrange it […]

Making a Felt Toy Garden

‘Even if it’s raining and cold, you can still have a garden to ease your soul’. -JK It’s easier than you might think to make your very own indoor garden toy. Even all the felt accessories aren’t so bad.  Once you get the hang of the felt, it’s pretty simple to make whatever your imagination allows.  Especially, […]

Best Curtains Ideas

Curtains function is to protect the window of the room throughout the day. in addition, curtains also as an element of decoration to complete the decoration of the room. For that, of course, you have to choose the right curtains tailored to the shape, size of the home window, and the size of the room. […]