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Home Office Decorating Ideas

Rapid technological development makes anyone tempted to become a freelancer. Can work anywhere, including creating a special workspace in your own home. So, it is very important to organize the workspace so that it feels more comfortable and conducive. Of course, to be more at home and to concentrate when working at home, so that […]

Art I love

My taste in art changes over time.  These days, I can’t get enough of illustrative and watercolor works.  I like simple and whimsical.  One of my favorite bloggers, ‘The Jealous Curator‘, always finds fascinating works of art to admire and ponder over.  Through her, I found this amazing artist and designer Danielle Kroll.  Below, are her […]

Wax-Stamped Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are so often the forgotten chore.  We love to receive them, but sending them is easily neglected. Not to fret, it is never too late to send a Thank you card!  In fact, this is the prime opportunity to create something with a little more personal charm.  There are usually far fewer cards […]

Painting with watercolor

Recently, I’ve become increasingly interested in watercolor. It started while on vacation. Of course, it’s often the only time a person can indulge in a new hobby. I was inspired by a book I bought, ‘The Art of Instruction’. Scientific illustrations basically.  I chose this egg as a good starting point due to it’s simplicity. […]

Top Wood Signs Decor Instagaram

Having a room that becomes the main stream without being decorated certainly makes us a little bored lingering in the room. For this reason, many people do decorations that suit their desires to make the room feel more comfortable. Decorative ornaments using wood are considered more classic and elegant to beautify the walls of the […]